2013-04-28 - FATPad relaunched
Today, I am relaunching FATPad. The current design is old, cramped, and quite honestly, I think it looks absurd with all the pastel colors all over the place. A purple based theme is clearly far superior to a white/tan/pastel blue/hot pink/turquose theme I had going on before. Okay...I'm obviously not an expert on design or color combinations, but I still think the new layout is much better.

So, today the site relaunch is underway. It is a work in progress so there will be more things added or updated in the next few weeks. This means a few things...

First, the old gallery database has been flushed and reset. All the old galleries have been deleted, and new ones are being added as I get a chance. Initially the number of galleries on display will be relatively small. There will be only two sections, "New movie galleries" and "New thumbnail galleries". As I add more galleries, archvie sections will eventually be added to the site, but for now it makes no sense to have them. They are on the roadmap, though.

Second, categories have been reorganized. I used to have categories for plumpers, BBW's and mature. Mature has been dropped entirely...this is not a site about mature women having sex, so there is no reason to continue listing those galleries. Plumpers and BBW's have been combined for now. Similar to above, as I add more galleries and it makes sense, these categories will be split out again...there is a difference between plump/chubby babes and full size BBW's, but for now I don't have enough galleries in the database to warrant different sections.

Third, work is still being done on this site. As such I may break things by mistake. If you are on the site and experience an issue, understand I am most likely working on things. Most things will be fixed in a matter of minutes, so you may want to try back in 5 or 10 minutes.

Lastly, I cannot guarantee daily updates. I will do updates when I get a chance, but this is not a full time job for me and things can and will come up that take precedence over this. I will try to update as often as I can, though.

Enjoy the site. I think it's far better than what has been in place for the last few years.